E-Health Services Using the DVB-RCS Communication Technology


Vouyioukas D, Maglogiannis I, Pasias V.

Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean, Karlovassi, 83200 Samos, Greece. dvouyiou@aegean.gr

Two-way satellite broadband communication technologies, such as the Digital Video Broadcasting with Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) technology, endeavour to offer attractive wide-area broadband connectivity for telemedicine applications, taking into consideration the available data rates, Quality of Service (QoS) provision, survivability, flexibility and operational costs, even in remote areas and isolated regions where the terrestrial technologies suffer. This paper describes a wide-area tele-medicine platform, specially suited for homecare services, based on the DVB-RCS and Wi-Fi communication technologies. The presented platform combines medical data acquisition and transfer, patient remote monitoring and teleconference services. Possible operational scenarios concerning this platform and experimental results regarding tele-monitoring, videoconference and medical data transfer are also provided and discussed in the paper.

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