Elements of a Lung Detox Cleanse

A lung detox cleanse is more than just a singular pill or tonic. Just as your lungs will have many problematic areas due to tar and chemical exposure, you will also need a multi-faceted approach to deal with the problem, and repair the damage that has been done. There are four essential aspects that need to be looked at if you want clean and detoxified lungs, they are:

  • Physical. Physical activities are important if you want to expel tar and other chemicals from your lungs. The more you exercise the more powerful your lungs will become. This aids in the detoxification process from a physical point where your body will be able to rid itself of mucus and tar from your airways resulting to better breathing, increased immune system, and overall wellbeing.
  • Mental. Did you know that your psychological state can greatly affect your physical condition? A healthy and positive frame of thought that is free of constant stress can actually aid in normalizing hormone levels, increasing your internal healing abilities. By training your brain to concentrate on the more positive aspects of life you’ll find it easier to keep yourself motivated and happy even when pulling out from a long term habit like smoking.
  • Diet. Eating properly is one of the most important aspects of being healthy. When it comes to lung detox, the same rule will still apply, but your focus on what you eat will need to somewhat shift to even healthier options. As always, fatty, sugary, and processed foods should be avoided as they can mess up your body’s hormonal balance, as well as lower your immune response. Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be recommended as they will boost your immune system. Aside from this, there are also a number of food choices that will help to loosen mucus and tar.
  • Supplementary vitamins. While it is not recommended to treat supplementary vitamins as some sort of quick fix solution, there are a number of specialized vitamins and supplementary pills which can help increase effectiveness of your lung detox program.

If you notice, the immune system is mentioned quite often, this is because it has the key role of destroying the pathogens and other foreign substances that can cause us to get sick. Strengthening the immune system will mean effective healing of the lungs from the inside out, with additional support and help from outside intervention, resulting to a more holistic approach.

To find out more on how all of these elements tie together under a lung detox cleanse, click on the link below and take your first step towards cleanser, healthier, smoke free lungs!

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