Empower Yourself & Raise Your Vibration with Dr. Macklin

Dr. Christopher Macklin, spiritual and metaphysical lecturer, author, and remote viewer who shares his insights in the fields of spirituality, health and wellness, and the paranormal. Born as a highly aware psychic child in Chester, England,

Christopher Macklin was often visited by negative ETs as a young child in his room at night. His encounters with him brought his parents with him to his side with him, but not believing him, they felt that Christopher was only experiencing nightmares. He was able to perceive energy fields, spirit activity and multi-dimensional phenomena from a very young age. This left young Christopher to learn early on how to deal with the presence of negative ETs in his life. He began to use his psychic abilities and the power inherent in his Melchizedek Soul from him to understand why they were visiting him, how to remove them from the planet and how to heal the manipulations and violations that he eventually understood they were inflicting on an unsuspecting humanity. These early experiences would form the basis of Christopher’s life work of him. Christopher specializes in healing abductees and others who have suffered related negative ET trauma. He assists people in removing negative ET presences from their lives, clearing homes and land, and closing multidimensional portals. He also works tirelessly with “illuminati fall out children” who have been mind-controlled and physically tortured by ET influenced governmental agencies and institutions. In addition, he works very closely with the Pleiadians and Arcturians to help heal and rebalance humanity. His new book of his History, Truth and Healing addresses the negative ET presence and how it has affected humanity.

https://www.youtube.com/c/GlobalEnlig… Christopher’s Website

https://www.globalenlightenmentprojec… My previous podcast with Christopher


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