Flip your Genetic Switch and Fight Back Against Prostate Cancer

If you suffer from prostate cancer, there’s a good chance you’ve never been told the real cause of your disease.

There may be a whole lot more to it than bad luck or lifestyle decisions, like the foods you eat. In fact, it may be as simple as this — you have a couple of lazy (but important) genes that are sleeping on the job!

You see, researchers believe that prostate cancer grows and spreads because two crucial, cancer-fighting genes basically go to sleep and stop doing their critical work. And while these genes are enjoying their little siestas, cancer cells spread and invade surrounding tissues.

If you’d like to get these genes out of bed and back to work, scientists at the University of York may have found just the trick — and it’s hiding inside some of your favorite foods.

Retinoic acid, which is derived from the same vitamin A you can find in carrots, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupes, may hold the key to keeping your prostate cancer from spreading and threatening your life.

Researchers experimented using retinoic acid on prostate cancer cells, and what they found could change the way we treat this deadly disease that afflicts millions of men per year. Retinoic acid didn’t just reactivate cancer-fighting genes — it was like a piercing, ear-splitting alarm that told these genes that break time was over, and it was time to get back to work.

The study shows that retinoic acid may be able to reactivate these genes and help them keep your prostate cancer from growing and spreading. And by keeping your prostate cancer more manageable, retinoic acid could also make it much easier to treat. Expect more research to be done on this in the near future, and as soon as there’s more information to report you can count on me bringing it to you here in the e-Tips.

Dr. Wright recommends 25,000 IU of vitamin A per day, and this vitamin may be more than a cancer fighter — it also could help promote healthier intestines and urinary tracts. Talk with a doctor skilled in natural healing about whether vitamin A is a good choice for you.

Vitamin A isn’t the only way you can conquer prostate cancer naturally. While the mainstream continues to push on you unnecessary surgeries and dangerous drugs that can rob you of your manhood.

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