Foods That Can Increase Your Libido…Only If…

Different foods can do so many incredible things for the body. Here are a few foods that can potentially increase libido.

Today we’re going to talk about the different foods that could potentially boost libido in both men and women. These foods can have an aphrodisiac effect.

Things like a lack of sleep, chronic stress, or a high carb and high sugar diet can nullify the effects of these foods on libido.

Testosterone is the hormone that increases libido in both men and women. But, women don’t need as much. If women have too much testosterone or other androgens, this could lead to different issues. There needs to be the right balance.

Anything that increases estrogen too much will lower testosterone and lower libido. A few of these things could include: • Alcohol • Dairy • Soy • Tap water

Foods that could potentially boost libido: • Pistachios • Oysters • Coffee • Saffron • Maca root • Asparagus • Truffles • Beets


0:00 Increase libido naturally

0:10 Things that can nullify your results

0:25 Testosterone

0:50 A few causes of low libido

1:27 How to boost libido

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