Having Anxiety Disorders? Try Kava Extract

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Your heart’s racing… sweat’s dripping down your face… you’re tingling from your fingertips to your toes.

And, no, you’re not having sex — in fact, I’m betting sex is the furthest thing from your mind.

You’re knee deep in a debilitating panic attack, and your mind is racing like the pace car in the Indianapolis 500. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you know it does a heck of a lot more than keep you up nights — before long, it starts to affect your relationships.

If anxiety and constant stress are leaving your love life in the dumps, cheer up, kitten — because you’re just six weeks from being a relaxed, confident tiger in the sack again.

An international research team says a powerful Polynesian plant may be all you need to shed your anxiety and jumpstart your sex life in just a month and a half!

In a study just published in Phytotherapy Research, scientists from Australia and Germany asked 75 volunteers with anxiety disorders to spend six weeks taking a kava extract or placebo. Now if you’ve been reading e-Tips for a while, the powers of kava aren’t news to you. This Western Pacific plant has been used for centuries to help relax nerves without all the “brain fog” that comes from prescription sedatives.

But researchers were shocked to discover that kava was doing a whole lot more than calming nerves. While kava was soothing volunteers’ anxiety, it was also acting like jumper cables to their sex drive — especially for the gals. The women in the study experienced significant libido boosts, and the more their anxiety decreased, the more their sex drive skyrocketed.

Now if you read what the mainstream has to say about kava, you know that a lot of noise has been made about how it could be bad for your liver. Well researchers took a look at liver function in this study and confirmed, yet again, that kava is perfectly safe. And that’s not all — research volunteers didn’t experience any of the addiction or withdrawal symptoms that come with prescription sedatives.

It’s time to conquer your anxiety and your lagging libido in one fell swoop. Give kava a try, and schedule a date night for six weeks from today. Just make sure you leave PLENTY of time for dessert.

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