Heavy Metal Poisoning

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Did You Know……your daily jogging routine could cause a host of unpleasant side effects?      Are you an avid, or even occasional jogger?  Do you jog beside main roads?  If so, you’re putting yourself at risk for an abundance of nasty conditions, such as…

Constipation Vomiting Vertigo Gout Arthritis Kidney damage Seizures Cirrhosis Thyroid malfunctions Pituitary damage Degeneration of motor neurons Cataracts

That’s just the short list, and jogging is just one of the everyday activities that may be severely deteriorating your health.  The explanation behind this dire list of side effects is simple: heavy metal poisoning.      Mainstream medical “wisdom” dictates that low levels of exposure to toxic metals are harmless.  However many scientists now question that, as emergent evidence indicates absorbing even miniscule amounts of heavy metals can cause physical and mental problems. Heavy Metals: A History As more and more societies across the globe industrialized, heavy metal pollution of the air, water, and food chain became a pressing problem.  By the 1950s, routine tests of U.S. children showed hundreds of thousands had ingested injurious levels of lead.  At this point environmental exposure is inevitable.      The prevailing preventative measure to moderate exposure is to estimate probable heavy metal levels in a given environment.  This only applies to work-related exposure, and it’s not necessarily effective at monitoring that.  According to Hesh Goldstein—natural health expert and the mastermind behind “Health Talk,” on the air weekly from Honolulu since 1981—”even among the orthodoxy there is dissatisfaction with these inexact methods and the heavy reliance on threshold limit values.”      There are a number of factors this system does not account for, including varying levels of susceptibility between individuals… off-the-job sources of contamination… and the potential heightening effect of a closed environment.  Not to mention that fact that some heavy metals (like lead) have cumulative effects. The ABCs of Heavy Metal ExposureEveryone knows some paints contains lead, and that this poses an especially serious risk to children who may be tempted to eat it because of its sweet taste.  Other sources of contamination are equally obvious: industrial pollution in the water, pesticide runoff, acid rain, cigarettes, and lead pipes.      However there is an even greater number of subtler ways you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to toxic heavy metals.  For instance, anything grown in a garden near a main road could be contaminated by auto exhaust and gasoline fumes.  That’s the same reason roadside jogging can be poisonous.

For lead alone, unexpected sources of exposure include:   Burning newspapers (the ink contains lead)   Commercial baby milk   Shellfish   Toothpaste tubes (the solder used to close the tube may contain lead)   Dog food   Cosmetics   Paper clips   Cooking utensils   Wine

For each heavy metal, there is a corresponding list of unlikely ways you face exposure daily. The Best Way to Detox Even the most conscientious, wellness-oriented person will likely be more exposed to dangerous heavy metals than would be optimal.  The best way to detoxify your body, Goldstein says, is to take organic sulfur crystals.      Goldstein credits the crystals (harvested from pine trees in Louisiana) with the reversal of his chronic asthma after just ten days of use.  Four years later, he’s still asthma-free.  He also cites 18 cases of reversed autism and plentitude of health benefits ranging from improved circulation to lessened astigmatism to cancer remission.      Though there are other detoxification options, Goldstein says the crystals are the simplest and the most effective.  As an added bonus, he says an organic sulfur crystal detox will give you lifetime protection against the flu!

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