Historical Hair Care Grew My Hair to Hip Length! Here’s How

I have been practising historical hair care for the past 6 years, and it grew my hair to hip length! This after having a chin length hair cut and having never been able to grow very long or healthy hair my whole life (up until now!) In this video I will be explaining:

*My hair history and how it’s led me to the methods I now use

*The unusual hair detangling method that has helped to retain hair length

*How historical hair care drastically differs from modern hair care in its attitudes and results

*How not using conventional shampoos has helped my hair to grow (and thrive)

*The natural, homemade concoctions I use in my hair. Hint: I only use products in my hair that are edible

*How historical hairstyles actually helped to grow long hair. Hint: it’s about length retention

Have you ever looked at those historical photos and paintings of women with surreally long hair, and then looked at the many thousands of people today who desperately desire long tresses, but their hair simply refuses to grow past a certain point, and wondered . . . maybe those historical women knew something we don’t?

When I chopped off my hair to chin length 6 years ago, it was time to drastically rethink my hair routine. Previous generations clearly knew how to grow long hair – and I was ready to figure out the secret, even if it meant throwing out everything I’d been taught about modern hair care.

This routine dramatically differs from almost all modern hair care routines, especially those typically recommended for people with curly hair like me! (ie. “curly girl method”)

To give credit where credit is due, I have learned a lot from the natural kinky hair community here on Youtube, who are one of the few ethnic communities still practicing these gentle, natural hair care techniques. Due to my own hair’s dry, curly texture, it loves these gentle, moisturizing ways of care.

Throughout this video, I will refer to “hair growth” synonymously with “length retention” (ie. avoiding breakage). For 99% of people, their hair is always growing, but if their hair care practices are constantly breaking their hair off at the ends, they will never see that growth. This was my own experience before beginning my current historical hair care routine. Keep watching to see how I changed that!

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