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Belching or burping is also medically referred as eructation or ructus. Essentially it is a process of releasing gas from the digestive tract through the mouth. A typical odor or sound may also accompany the process of gas release. Belching is a common universal phenomenon and not limited to few people with any specific disorder. Infants to older adults belch or burp to expel air that has been swallowed in excess. Belching relieves the abdomen of discomfort caused due to the excess air.

Belching can also form as a habit to many people and such belching or burping may not be related to the accumulation of air in their stomachs. Instinctively people resort to belching on account of any form of abdominal discomfort to expel gas and ease the existing discomfort.

Though it sounds like a simple exercise, technically belching is a co-coordinated activity. For egs: the larynx is raised to ensure no liquid or food passing with the air from the stomach get into the lungs and this process also relaxes the upper cardia (esophageal sphincter) such that air can pass more easily from the esophagus into the throat. The lower cardia (esophageal sphincter) also needs to open so that air can pass from the stomach into the esophagus. During these activities, the diaphragm descends such that it increases abdominal pressure and decreases pressure in the chest similar to taking a breath. The change in pressure ensures air flows from the stomach in the abdomen to the esophagus in the chest.

Remedies for Belching

– Eating slowly or have small meals

– Avoiding chewing gum and carbonated drinks

– Excessive consumption of onions and chocolates may also cause burping.Avoid such foods

– Avoid alcohol especially among individuals suffering from chronic belching or excessive belching

– Reducing stress, following exercise tips from medical practitioners and inducing relaxation can help treat belching

Diet for Belching

To reduce belching avoid gulping food or drink too rapidly.

– Some foods may initiate the belching process such as milk and sugars.

– Certain types of vegetables and fruits containing a particular type of starch are not well digested by the stomach but are effective tools to treat bacteria in the stomach such as: beans, lentils, cabbage, bananas, apricots, prunes, onions and sprouts. It is advisable to avoid such vegetables and fruits to prevent belching.

– Foods made from whole grains may also cause gas and consequent belching or burping.

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