Homocysteine and Cholesterol

I’ll bet you know what your cholesterol level is, but chances are that you never heard of homocysteine. Well, the cholesterol theory has never been proven but everybody believes that it has. So the pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars on this myth. But it’s your homocysteine that’s the real villain in heart disease and other chronic illness. And you can do something about it.

Cholesterol Boondoggle

Many cardiologists build their practice on testing and prescribing cholesterol (statin) drugs. It is not by accident, because many millions of dollars have been spent to promote the cholesterol theory.

It’s a medical craze and it’s a money maker. The point is that most people who get heart disease have normal cholesterol levels in their blood. In fact, scientists have proven that pure cholesterol does not cause arteriosclerosis and that elevation of blood cholesterol is a symptom, not a cause, of heart disease.

How could scientistsand medical experts be wrong about the heart disease-cholesterol myth so long? The answer is MONEY!

Amino Acid Problem

Homocysteine is a renegade amino acid present in our bodies that has been identified as THE cause of heart disease as well as blood clots, stroke and gangrene. What’s more, keeping homocysteine levels in the safe range does not require expensive medication or any drugs at all, only adequate amounts of certain vitamins i.e., B6, B12 and folic acid. This has all been proven.

Since the therapy for high homocysteine requires no drugs, we can begin to see why nobody knows about it. No money. Homocysteine is intimately involved in the aging process, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and cancer. Also, lowering homocysteine causes weight loss, lower blood pressure and, of course, reduced heart disease symptoms and improved general health.

How simple is health, without spending huge amounts of money? I recommend that every one of you read The Heart Revolution by Dr. Kilmer S. McCully, and then read it again.

Take Action

So check your homocysteine level now. Start vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid today.

Further, for those age 60 and over, your B12 intake should be by injection because, as we age, we have no intrinsic factor to enable B12 assimilation. This makes B12 in pill, tablets, etc., useless and unabsorbable. B12 liquid and 100 cc needles are available by prescription. It is very easy to do yourself.

Experts believe that 25 percent of those over age 60, especially vegetarians, are very low in vitamin B12. Plus, the older we get the more likely we are to have a vitamin B12 deficiency because we lose the ability to absorb it. Further, the older we get the more our digestive system breaks down, especially with the standard American diet.

The lining of the stomach gradually loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid which releases vitamin B12 from our food. The use of antacids or ulcer drugs also lowers stomach acid secretion and decreases the ability to absorb vitamin B12.

In fact, adequate hydrochloric acid in the stomach is critical to life and health. Americans’ hydrochloric acid has been under attack by pharmaceuticals for decades. There is thousands of prescription and non-prescription drugs that Americans consume with wild abandon in order to reduce stomach acid. The final insult is the “purple pill,” which actually shuts down the proton (acid) pump. Wonder how much stomach cancer has been caused by these so-called acid stomach relievers?

By getting off of antacids, paying attention to your homocysteine and getting these vitamins, you can improve your health in a big, big way.

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