How Chinese Medicine Can Naturally Boost Your Fertility

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Did you know that Chinese herbs can boost your fertility? Try using natural Chinese herbs to help you get pregnant. For many years, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have helped many women become pregnant who have experienced infertility problems. Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for five thousand years to treat many differing diseases, including infertility.

Fertility, Herbs, and Acupuncture

No one herb will help you get pregnant. But according to Radiant Wonder, clinical studies in China, Japan, and Australia indicate that by using Chinese fertility herbs, when taken in combination, increases your fertility chances by an average of 60%, and may enable you to become pregnant or help your partner become pregnant. Acupuncture and herbs are sometimes used in combination to increase a person’s fertility and chances of becoming pregnant. Plus, traditional Chinese medicine has a higher rate of success in producing pregnancies than do other forms of alternative medicine.

Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Combine for Increased Fertility

In some cases, modern medicine combines with traditional Chinese medicine to increase fertility treatment success rates. According to Dr. Eric Manheimer of the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) along with acupuncture increases IVF’s success rate by 65 percent. Acupuncture treatment is given on the same day as the IVF or IUI procedure. Success rates are believed to be increased because traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Balances follicle stimulating hormones
  • Regulates menstrual cycles.
  • Improves testicular health and sperm quality.
  • Improves ovary health and egg quality.
  • Increases the lining and blood supply to the uterus.
  • Decreases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.
  • Releases stress that may occur due to infertility and its treatments.

Traditional Chinese medicine is also used exclusively for those who cannot use modern medical infertility treatment for one reason or another. In some cases, the infertile couple is not willing or able to use Western medical techniques to treat their infertility. In other cases, the reasons for a couple’s infertility may be unexplained. Traditional Chinese medicine can provide fertility in such cases. Finally, Chinese medicine may be chosen for couples who have tried other methods of infertility treatment that have failed.

Traditional Chinese treatment have been used for centuries to balance a person’s body and increase their chances of conceiving. The treatments are safe and effective for many people. While traditional Chinese methods of treatment may take a few months to balance the body, the result, pregnancy, is worth the time and effort.

Author bio: Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer who lives in Raleigh. She loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. If you are a couple struggling to get pregnant. Savannah suggests you investigate Chinese herbs from Radiant Wonder before opting for a surgical operation.

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