How To Boost Your Libido Naturally

Knowing how to boost your metabolism  naturally can offer great health benefits in addition to romantic activity. Nutrition plays an important role in desire and exercise can come into play when it comes to energy levels. Certain medical conditions can cause a decrease in libido, so it is important to discuss the symptom with your physician.

Medical conditions that are linked to low libido are not always serious in nature but the condition can be a symptom of a serious health condition. Treating any underlying medical condition can help create balance, naturally improving energy levels and sex drive. Some problems that can interfere include:

• Mood disorders

• Chronic fatigue

• Heart problems

• Diabetes

• Hormone imbalance

• Menopause

Any medical condition that interferes with hormone production, mood, or energy levels can have an effect on libido.

Mental Processing

The first step in the process is to address any mental processing problems that may interfere with the condition. In some cases, the loss of libido is psychological in nature, and it can stem from lack of confidence, disinterest in your partner, or feelings of guilt or inadequacy. Addressing these issues can naturally boost libido.

Focusing on positive aspects of yourself and your partner can help. Boosting your mood with sensual mental images throughout the day is an excellent visualization exercise that can help. Thoughts and feelings are closely linked, but few recognize that exercise and mental processing are closely related as well.


Exercise helps libido in many ways. It boosts energy and it improves circulation. In addition, it helps to tone and tighten the body, and this can alleviate some feelings of oneself-consciousness in some individuals. Any activity that gets the blood flowing can improve circulation and improve sex drive.


Adding healthy foods to your daily menu can offer excellent benefits as well. Consider some of the following foods, some of which are considered to be aphrodisiacs.

• Cinnamon and nutmeg work in a number of ways. The aroma of these spices can enhance desire, and nutmeg has been shown to work much like Viagra in animal studies.

• Chocolate is a natural choice because it sets off the same chemicals in the brain that are released when a person falls in love. Phenylethylalamine is the helpful chemical in this natural aphrodisiac.

• Figs offer high levels of amino acids believed to help increase energy.

• Almonds contain healthy fats that improves brain function, promoting alert attention.

• Avocados contain essential fatty acids as well. This food is traditionally associated with sensuality.

• Oysters in the half shell are other foods closely associated with sensuality. This food contains lots of zinc, an element effective in improving male performance.

• Chili peppers can promote circulation; working much like exercise does to improve overall body performance.

In addition to the suggestions here, Discovery Health offers 10 ways to boost libido naturally. Combining different approaches is the ideal way to improve your health as well as your drive.

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