Everywhere we turn, there is more information out about the coronavirus.  It is all over the news, social media and in everyday conversation.  We are here to allay your fears and to keep you healthy during this cold and flu season.

Viruses are the tiniest of microorganisms, and it’s arguable that they are not microorganisms at all, but packets of RNA that use the cells of other organisms to rob energy and multiply, destroying the very cells that are hosting them. In the history of mankind, we have never been able to create a medication that will destroy these pesky little critters, so we need to focus on boosting our immune systems.

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that have been around for a long time.  The current strain is a new form which appears to be more dangerous than others.  The coronaviruses are all transmitted between animals and people.  Infection with a coronavirus can be as simple as flu symptoms including fever, cough and body aches.  Individuals at a higher risk include infants who are not breast-fed, elderly, patients who have a suppressed immune system or individuals who are taking steroids.  Complications of the virus can include pneumonia and even death.

The average incubation period (the time it takes from exposure to getting sick) for the coronavirus is 4-7 days.  If you do develop the infection, it generally lasts about 7-10 days.

Here are some tips to prevent infection in general:

          • Wash your hands often yet not obsessively!  Washing your hands too much can cause breaks in your skin which can ultimately increase your risk for infection as well as washing away healthy bacteria already located on our skin.  We recommend using an organic soap such as Dr. Bronner’s hand soap.  Other soaps and hand sanitizers contain ingredients which can stress your immune system and put you at greater risk for infection.
          • Boost your immunity by watching what you eat!  Foods that lower your immune system include refined sugar, dairy products, GMO wheat products, GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO canola oil, any alcohol, pork and artificial sweeteners.  The biggest culprit is sugar which can decrease your immune function by up to 33% for 24 hours.
          • Increase your intake of organic fruits and vegetables.
          • Take Vitamin C daily.  We recommend taking 1,000 mg daily for adults to prevent infection.  Higher doses may have a laxative effect for some people. Vitamin C is also indicated for children; however, the dose is calculated based on weight.
          • Take Vitamin D3 daily.  We recommend taking a minimum of 5,000 IU daily.  At the first sign of an infection, increase the dose to 50,000 IU for three days and then return to your normal daily dose.  Vitamin D works by boosting your immune system and, ultimately, shortening the infection.  Vitamin D is also indicated for children; however, the dose is calculated based on weight.
          • At the early onset of a virus, consider coming into the clinic for an antiviral IV infusion. An IV packed with Vitamin C, B vitamins and other nutrients which may help you feel better almost immediately!
          • Take a daily probiotic.  Unsure which one to take?  Please consult the office and we will be able to offer a variety of options.
          • Decrease stress! We often don’t realize what a powerful effect stress can have on the body. It suppresses our immune system and puts us at higher risk for infection. Consider a daily meditation practice, yoga or even tapping which we do offer in the clinic.
          • Get proper sleep. Sleep deprivation is a major stressor on the body and will weaken the immune system
          • Use functional mushrooms and immune boosting herbs like echinacea and astragalus. We have a blend of all these ingredients in a potent immune boosting formula called Immunotone.

        Factors that are difficult to control, including environmental pollution and most recently discovered 5G internet at a dangerously low frequency (60 GHz) can damage our cells and suppress the immune system, making us more susceptible to disease. Creating a clean home environment and protecting yourself from sources of radiation like 5G are essential. Ask us how we can help you reduce your risk.

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