How to use astral projection and out of body experience to shift your reality | Law of Attraction

When it comes to the law of attraction, the experience of astral projection can help us manifest a life we love. We astral project by transferring the consciousness from the physical body to the astral body for “out of body” experiences. In fact, because we are more than just human beings, we already exist without our bodies. (This can be easily demonstrated, and I show you how in this video.)

Using astral projection and travel intentionally can create profound and positive manifestation results. And astral projection is far from new. It’s been around since ancient times and has been pursued as part of spiritual development for good reason.

As we move deeper into our spiritual exploration and the realm of conscious creation, we discover that we are much more than our physical body. From our higher dimensional states, we can tap more deeply into the law of attraction to manifest what we desire in our physical life. And astral projection greatly reinforces this! If you want to up your manifesting game, learn 3 ways to astral project in this video that are easy even for a beginner!

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