INFLATION FLIPPING: 7 strategies for acquiring items and services you need without breaking the bank

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Tune your internet survival frequency to for updates on buying the right supplies for emergencies and being ready for more inflation and more supply chain issues. Now here’s a handy indoor gardening 101 instructional video that’s a must see. Check it out.

If you haven’t noticed, America is on a steep decline that resembles a recession spiraling downward fast into a depression. As the Democrats in Washington DC choke out the supply lines on every front, while printing money wildly, US consumers find themselves spending $700 per month more on average, and that’s about to double or triple in the upcoming fall and winter season. What can you do about rising costs of groceries, gas, utility bills, supplies, merchandise, car repairs and more?

Now is the time to go “old school” and become more (or totally) self-sufficient, barter with locals and find free ways to do what cost you money before. Sounds like lots of coordinating, planning and public relations, but it’s fairly easy if you have a good “to do” list already laid out.

Old school ‘co-ops’ and bartering now becoming the ‘norm’ during resident O’Biden’s mass-inflation economy

Leave it to the Democrats to leave everybody begging the government for handouts. How many Americans are working harder at NOT WORKING right now than at a real job? Small and medium-sized businesses have been crushed by scamdemic mandates and the corporate empire that tripled in size over the past 2 years. Most US consumers have had to do without many products, services and sources of income long enough to be “on the ropes” and wondering HOW they will survive going forward.

For starters, many services people use they could do themselves, if they just took a few minutes to watch a YouTube instructional video, or pick up the tools to get it done at home for much less money, especially when it’s a recurring need, and since the cost of these services (and parts) provided by a business have increased exponentially.

Many small businesses waste a fortune on advertising that either doesn’t provide enough return on investment, or doesn’t even work at all. Social media advertising can be hit or miss, and the cost of marketing via streaming services is outrageous.

That’s why many entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses are advertising and marketing using signs on their car, or at busy intersections, or just handing out business cards and flyers in the community.

Social groups are also a great way to meet new people and let them know about your valuable services or products, including ones that you may be willing to swap for other products and/or services you need. This circumvents unnecessary spending that can paint anyone into a corner, especially if they’re running up credit card debt or cutting out very vital products/services.

Plus, it’s important now to begin PRE-PURCHASING stuff that’s going to rise considerably in cost. This translates into saving a fortune now, before inflation worsens. Some of the best items to pre-purchase include gardening tools, storable nutritious food, water filters, fertilizer, seeds, grow lights, and off-the-grid sources of energy, fuel, power, communication.

Here are 7 strategies for acquiring items and services you need without emptying your wallet, savings or running up those credit cards

#1. Community trade/swap groups (online and in-person)

#2. Co-op chores and tasks (yard work, automobile repair, home maintenance)

#3. Ride share to conserve fuel

#4. Advertising small business services with free ads (car, yard, roadside, social media)

#5. Year-round home gardening (indoor & outdoor)

#6. Holistic self-care for skin, teeth, hair, muscle, immunity, mental

#7. Exercise without paying fees for gyms and classes

The Buy Nothing Project connects communities for ‘hyper-local’ gifting that allows neighbors to share freely with each other

Ever heard of the Buy Nothing Project? It’s a national and international “gift economy” platform for exchanging goods and services without spending a single dime. It’s called ‘hyper-local’ gifting and it’s not only very feasible but environmentally friendly and sustainable. How does it work? Simple.

Founded in 2013, the Buy Nothing Project has the mission of connecting community members through hyper-local gifting, that means everything shared is given freely, with no bartering or money involved. This can include anything from products and services to help, guidance and consulting. Plus you can ask for what you need, and show appreciation and give thanks for what you get.

This helps people overcome creative challenges at home or work, or for churches and synagogues, so positive vibes help the communities thrive. People can then use some of their savings to buy organic food (as opposed to junk food, GMOs or ‘edible’ bugs), seeds, storable food, water filters, fuel, herbal medicine and other survival necessities.

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