How to Awaken the Chakras: Introduction to Kundalini Energy (Episode 1)

An in-depth guide to understand the process of awakening the Chakras and Kundalini. This series consists of 9 episodes providing deep insights into the nature of each chakra and practices to activate them consciously. Areas covered are science, psychology, energy work, Astral projection, telepathy, Christianity, Ancient Egypt, esoteric symbolism and more. Discover the power of the cosmos that’s expressed as 7 manifestations of intelligence within you.

0:00 – Overview, Approach & About The Series

5:05 – The Law of Seven & Understading The Chakras 1

4:39 – The Intelligence of The Spine & Its Symbiotic Nature 1

9:42 – Kundalini As Cosmic Love & Spiritual Biology

25:45 – The Source of Prana Is Mother Nature: She Is Home Itself

31:23 – Kundalini Is Not Dangerous, The Ego Is!

33:35 – The State of Our Chakras Right Now

39:48 – Why Snakes Are Sometimes Depicted As Evil 43:13 – Healing & Protection From The Serpent

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