It’s all ENERGY not HARD WORK!!! | Abraham Hicks

In this video, Abraham discusses the power of your energy and how you can harness it to achieve what you desire. The Power of Energy – According to Abraham Hicks, everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts and emotions. This energy is constantly flowing through us, and we are constantly emitting it into the world around us. When we think and feel positively, we emit positive energy, and when we think and feel negatively, we emit negative energy. This energy attracts similar energy from the universe, which can affect our experiences and outcomes.

Therefore, the key to achieving our goals is to focus on the energy that we are emitting. If we want to succeed, we need to focus on emitting positive energy. This means focusing on positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and avoiding negativity as much as possible. When we do this, we create a positive energy field around us that attracts positive experiences and opportunities.

The Role of Hard Work – Many people believe that hard work is the key to success. According to Abraham Hicks, however, hard work is not the most important factor. Instead, the energy that we bring to our work is what ultimately determines our success. This means that we can achieve our goals without necessarily working harder, but by working smarter and focusing on our energy.

For example, if we want to achieve success in our career, we need to focus on emitting positive energy in the workplace. This means staying positive, being open to new opportunities, and maintaining a can-do attitude. When we emit positive energy in the workplace, we attract positive experiences and opportunities, which can help us achieve our career goals.

Likewise, if we want to achieve success in our personal relationships, we need to focus on emitting positive energy in our interactions with others.

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