Journey into Other Realms

Saint-Germain comes to the audience through his channeler Geoffrey Hoppe, taking on the title of Adamus Saint-Germain in order to differentiate the intense work he does with the Crimson Circle from previous work with other channelers. He has brought his unique and provocative style to spiritual seekers around the globe – straightforward delivery, paradigm-shifting wisdom, arrogance, and a lot of humor.

Adamus had many lifetimes on Earth in the human condition. He has great understanding and empathy for the human journey. His human background and experiences – as well as his ascension from the human condition – give him unique insights and compassion when he’s guiding us into our Realization, in a way no alien or galactic being can do.

He’s the Captain of this spiritual pirate ship, guiding us through stormy waters onward to Enlightenment Island.

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