Kids using too many medications? One RN mom turned to essential oils.

How Jennifer got her kids to ask for essential oils more than pills

In many households with multiple children, there always seems to be some new “little crisis.”

Whether it’s a stuffy nose, a cough, a bug bite, a bruise, or something else that makes the kids uncomfortable—little ones need a lot of support!

Were the kids using too many medications?

In Jennifer Lane’s household, her children were asking for medications for every little thing that came up.

Jennifer had been a registered nurse for about 15 years, and she truly believed in the efficacy of modern medicine. It just seemed to her that maybe her kids were taking too much of it.

And maybe—just maybe—so were Jennifer and her husband.

“Children model behavior they see,” Jennifer says. “We realized they were modeling what we would do when we didn’t feel well. We would take a pill . . .

Every time one of our children felt ill,
they would immediately ask for medication.
An instant fix in their eyes.

She and her husband were concerned.

They wanted their children to have a more holistic understanding of health, instead of relying on “quick fixes” that enabled instant gratification.

Caring for the kids naturally with essential oils 

Fortunately, a dear friend introduced Jennifer and her husband to essential oils.

“That may seem funny,” Jennifer says, “that a nurse of 15 years was unaware of the amazing health benefits essential oils can have. You see, natural health solutions were not taught during nursing school . . .

The modern healthcare system revolves
around prescription drugs, so nursing training
is medication-based, not holistic.

(I hear you, Jennifer! Our co-director of education, Karen, spent many years as a registered nurse. She only learned about essential oils when she sought out the knowledge for herself.)

Essential oils empowered Jennifer and her husband to care for their kids naturally.

The more they used the oils, the more they wanted to understand HOW the oils worked. With more knowledge, they could expand their blending skills, make even more recipes and natural products, and care for their family in bigger ways.

Jennifer turns to aromatherapy certification

Jennifer decided to give herself a research-based education, combining her respect for science with her love for natural methods.

She enrolled in the Aromatherapy Certification Program at Aromahead Institute.

She loved the quality of the education and the ongoing support she received. She also liked that she could complete the course at her own pace!

“My certification took me longer than I thought it would. But I never had to worry about being on a time clock so that was a great stress reliever. I also love that I can revisit my training whenever I need a quick reference or refresher.”

Check out Jennifer’s graduate page

From a passion to a blooming aromatherapy business!

Ever since Jennifer and her husband learned the science behind essential oils, they have not looked back!

“It’s been wonderful to see our children look to essential oils over medicine . . . They are completely natural which means nothing has been added or taken away so there are no side effects or addictions. Our family is finally SAFE!”

But Jennifer’s journey didn’t stop there.

The more she used essential oils, the more she saw an opportunity to help others.

Essential oil usage can be foreign for
first-time users. They have these amazing oils
in their hands but have no idea what to do next.

Jennifer’s new business was born.

It’s called . . .

Loving Essential Oils!

Loving Essential Oils is a rich online database of recipes and information about essential oils, as well as a place to get high-quality aromatherapy supplies—like bottles, jars, and inhalers—at great prices. Jennifer sends out popular emails with a free product giveaway each week!

Jennifer says, “We want to be there to help you understand and make essential oils part of your daily routine.”

A natural instinct to help others

Jennifer and her husband had a very simple, very natural desire to help their children.

And that instinct led them to a beautiful new passion that helps thousands of other people! (As I’m writing this, Loving Essential Oils has over 22k followers on Facebook alone. Wow!)

If you want to bring essential oils into your life in a bigger way, starting with your own education is a great place to begin.

Learn more about the Aromatherapy Certification Program that Jennifer worked through at her own pace.

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