Leader in National Telehealth Service Opens Eighth State for Telemedicine

June 15, 2010 United States of America


US Tele-Medicine a leader in telehealth modalities offers its Family Doctor services to Arizona.


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For Immediate Release June 15,2010

Telehealth Leader US Tele-Medicine Opens Eighth State

(Beverly Hills) A national leader in the emerging world of telemedicine, that is where email, telephone and consumer operated remote sensing devices are used to provide medical care, announces its expansion to the Eighth State offering Telemedicine care.

Arizona joins CA, NY, HI, WA, MN, MA, NV in providing insured people immediate access to Doctors on line and on the phone 24/7. US Tele-Medicine specializes in chronic care management for “lifestyle” conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, OCPD, CHF, obesity, and even issues such as anxiety and depression. USTM cares for over twenty conditions that have shown to be responsive to the new telemedicine modalities.

State of the art telemedicine technology allows patients to send their vital signs data through wireless devices directly to the patient’s medical record at USTM. A person can send their vitals in the privacy of the home, office or even on the go – worldwide.

“Health Care When You Need It and When You Want It” is the operational philosophy at US Tele-Medicine. People no longer need to lose a day of work, school, or income or productivity, and have to endure traffic, the endless time in waiting rooms, just to see a Doctor for 5 minutes.

General medical needs

or, Family doctor issues and of course chronic care medical management services performed through US Tele-Medicine, saves money and promotes better health through greater physician/patient interaction.

US Tele-Medicine is one of the very few national health care providers accepting All PPO, Medicaid, Medicare, and union self-insured programs.

With an additional 30 million persons soon coming on to the health care rolls and the continuous increase in medical costs, telemedicine is quickly becoming one of the only viable and current alternatives to deal with General medical needs.

There are not enough General Practitioners and Family Practitioners in the USA and most people are treated by specialists, or Emergency Rooms where not necessary and incurring greater costs to insurers. US Tele-Medicine addresses and corrects these real problems in the system, by offering its Telemedicine platform.


For More information, please visit: www.ustelemedicine.com

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