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Yolanda was living in Tokyo when she channeled for the first time in 2005. She had purchased the book “Opening to Channel.” by Sanaya Roman, followed the exercises, connected with a Spirit Guide, and brought through messages from him. Soon after she moved to Hong Kong where one day she felt that same Spirit Guide step inside her, take over her voice, and spoke through her. Her voice changed, as did her accent and energy. Yolanda discovered her main gift of Voice Channeling that day and has been developing it ever since. Who Yolanda channels has evolved and changed over the years, and she currently channels Source Intelligence which her higher consciousness is apart of.

In 2013 with the traumatic birth of her son, her channeling upleveled and began to focus on Gifts, Purpose, and the Path ahead, which has been the main focus of her work ever since.

In 2016 she combined her channeling with her energy healing abilities and began to do what she calls “Channeled Healing” and has been supporting people to open up to, and embody more of their gifts and potential through her Channel, assisting many people via Zoom all across Australia, and North America to ground, open, grow and expand. It’s a unique gift in that she not only channels information, but also energy that shifts, heals, and uplevels simultaneously, and it doesn’t all flow directly from her hands

Please enjoy my conversation with Yolanda Tong.


0:00 – Episode Teaser

2:01 – Yolanda’s life prior to channeling

5:19 – What is it like channeling for the first time?

8:06 – The difference between Channeling and Voice Channeling

11:18 – What’s it like coming out of the Spiritual Closet

16:16 – The beings Yolanda is channeling.

21:20 – What it means to be a channeler.

26:34 – What is life, like for a soul on the other side when it’s not incarnated?

31:53 – Do we plan our life on the other side before we incarnate?

34:28 – Why do a Soul choose to reincarnate to a not perfect body?

43:45 – Can a soul live multiple lives at once?

49:05 – Why did we at this time incarnate at this time in history right now?

53:45 – Source Intelligence Final Message

1:01:29 – Living A Good Life

1:02:12 – Definition of God

1:02:23 – Ultimate Purpose of Life

1:02:57 – Final Message

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