Med Schools Accepting Alternative Therapies

After noticing the growing number of Americans turning to alternative medicine, medical schools across the country are finally beginning to offer courses in the field. According to U.S. News University Connection, schools are now teaching acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal medicine principles to future doctors.

The news provider reports that medical universities such as the South Bay School of Nursing in California are offering classes in acupressure and other alternative therapies, in the hope that this will help their students find jobs in a greater number of institutions that embrace these practices.

Students who feel passionate about this subject may consider attending the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which offers a dual master’s degree from the U.S. and China, allowing those enrolled to learn therapies that they can perform at home and abroad.
The American Medical Student Association offers a search feature on its website that allows students to look up alternative medicine classes they can take at various institutions. Topics range from plant-based therapies to yoga and wellness.

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