Messages ETs Have For US & More!

Podcast guest 688 is the author Kevin J. Briggs. We talked about UFOs, the messages aliens have for us and more. Kevin J Briggs is an author and specializes in consciousness and the connection to ET/UFOs. His recently published book is titled “Spiritual Consciousness A Personal Journey” and covers 60 years of his experiences of ET contact and UFO connections.

Kevin speaks to many groups of UFO and ET enthusiasts. They are always eager to hear of his interactions, he always receives a warm reception. Kevin has written articles which have been published in the Truth Magazine. His published book was also mentioned in Psychic News (UK) in their editor’s good read section. He has also written an article about his ET experiences which have been published in The New Observations magazine.

Kevin has also appeared on local radio stations and recently filmed for a TV show “Unlocking Your Limitless Life” hosted by Susan Shatzer and produced by Robin C Adams. Kevin was also a keynote speaker, in Miami at the FREE “Consciousness & Contact Experiencer Conference”, hosted by The Edgar Mitchell “Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and extraordinary Experiences”. Kevin was a speaker at the Consciousness and Contact Conference held in July 2019 at The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Kevin has also a guest on Whitley Strieber’s radio show, Unknown Country. The Karen Swain Show from Australia. The Kevin Moore Show UK .

Kevin also appeared on Melisa Kennedy’s TV show The UFO Women, filmed locally in Florida. Kevin is a co-author with Melissa Kennedy and Edgar Yohe of the recently published book “Tap into Universal Energy” Understanding cosmic energy and consciousness.

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