Miracle Mineral Slashes Stroke Risk 24%

If you’re like most folks, the word “diet” sends a cold shiver up your spine — and I don’t blame you one bit.

For years we’ve associated dieting with giving up our favorite foods and consuming bland, tasteless meals with all the texture and excitement of cardboard.

Well, no more, friend. Because I have one… that’s right, just ONE … diet change that could have a profound change on your life. In fact, I’m going to show you how you may be able to slash your risk of a deadly stroke by a whopping 24 percent while eating some of the most delicious foods our Creator ever put on earth!

Are you ready for it? Well, tonight I’m recommending mushroom-covered salmon with a spinach side salad with avocados and white beans.

And tomorrow? How about a serving of lean beef with a side of delicious squash?

What do all of these mouth-watering foods have in common? They’re all loaded with life-giving potassium, the miracle mineral that’s turning heads again after a new study just published in BMJ.

In the study, researchers analyzed 33 clinical trials with more than 128,000 people, and what they found is sure to make potassium a major player in your future meal plans. The study showed that people who increased their potassium intake were able to reduce their blood pressure and slash their risks of debilitating strokes by 24 percent!

That’s not like discovering ice cream sundaes are good for you — but it’s pretty close. That’s because there are literally dozens of delectable foods like salmon, beef, beans, bananas, raisins, tomatoes and more that are just loaded to the gills with this miracle mineral.

Even better, if you’ve been following Dr. Wright for a while, you’re already incorporating plenty of potassium into your diet. As. Dr. Wright has told you before, potassium doesn’t lower blood pressure for everyone, but it’s a proven stroke fighter. For that reason, he’s recommended 300 mg. to 500 mg. of extra potassium a day if you have hypertension, even if you don’t see your blood pressure dip.

It’s your lucky day. You have a chance to reduce your stroke risk while adding more tasty foods to your menu. Be mindful of potassium in your meal planning, and you just may find what study after study has proven — it’s a real life-saver.

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