mRNA Tech Inventor Dr. Robert Malone: Easier for Delta to Kill ‘Vaccinated’ than Jab-Free People


Delta Variant and have a HIGHER risk of severe disease or even death. This information comes from Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the very mRNA technology used to transmit both the Pfizer and Moderna injections.

Malone took to Twitter to post a thread that has shockingly not been taken down yet. Twitter has been censoring posts that speak ill of the “vaccines,” and a high-profile physician and researcher like Dr. Malone seems ripe for censorship. Perhaps they fear the “Streisand Effect” with this particular thread and are simply suppressing it on the back end.

Here is his thread edited for format:

I guess I need to say this again. Delta has an Ro of about 8, about 3x that of the Alpha (ref- CDC). With these leaky vaccines, if we were to have 100% vaccine uptake and perfect mask use we cannot stop the spread of Delta (ref- CDC).

the current vaccines provide about 50-60% efficacy in protection from infection. They are not fully protective.

    • if you are vaccinated and become infected (“breakthrough”), the virus will replicate at the same or higher levels than if you were unvaccinated and then become infected.
    • if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of transmitting virus to someone else is quite high – remember, the Ro measures how likely you are to transmit the virus.
    • if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of developing severe disease or dying is better than if you were not vaccinated and then become infected with Delta.

Therefore, if you are vaccinated and then become infected, you MAY have a higher risk of becoming a “superspreader” because you are less likely to show disease. This has not been measured, but it should be.



“Trust the science,” they say when scolding us about the “vaccines.” As the science increasingly points to these injections being dangerous, the tune is quickly shifting from the authoritarians. Now, they’re just saying to trust them. Which we don’t.

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