Muscle Imbalances May Cause Back Pain

What I have discovered in practice is that there are usually only one or two main groups of muscles, setting up the imbalances that cause the joint to move or the pressure to build up in a muscle making the joint stiff or tight and painful to use.

If the muscles that set up the imbalances (usually the deeper structural muscles) are worked on correctly, the pressure that causes the twist, tilt or tightness is released, along with the pain.

When a back develops problems it is not normally something that has just happened but rather the result of a buildup of imbalances over time. It tends to involve the whole body in some way and therefore requires a holistic approach to get a lasting cure.

To demonstrate, reach to the right to pick something up and you’ll notice it is not just your shoulder and arm that moves, you will feel every muscle in your body adjust in some way to support that movement.

Any therapist who doesn’t get their hands onto the muscles and body regularly, which lets face it is most of them including a doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, Pilates or yoga instructor, personal trainer etc, is severely handicapped right from the start when it comes to successfully treating back pain.

There is no way, without the vital information you get from the feel of the body, they could devise the best way of approaching a particular person’s back problem, or diagnose it correctly for that matter. In one hour you can significantly change how a person feels within themselves, simply by making a significant change to the muscle imbalances in their body and how those muscles feel to the touch.

The body will respond to the right touch as if it knows what is good for it, just as it will freeze up and resist the wrong treatment as a way of protecting itself. Have you ever gone for an adjustment from a chiropractor and had trouble relaxing?

When seeking out treatment for your back pain you need to tune into your body and instinctively you will know what is helping you and what isn’t.

A large number of people can’t afford to spend several hundred dollars on the medical merry go round hoping they would find someone who could help them.

I felt that if people were well educated on diagnosing their own problem and had effective techniques they could use daily at home to make progress on their own, they would get much better value from the therapy appointments they had and more importantly, they’d be able to recognize very quickly when a therapist they saw was going to be a waste of their money and time.

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  8. Back pain is caused because of many reasons and out of them muscle imbalance is one of the common.All back pain is because of the inability to maintain the back arched due to weak muscles, sitting continuously at work for long hours may also one of the reasons for back pain. This pain may result in many big problems at the later stages of life. So it is very necessary to keep a definite care on these small things and remain pain free and live happy life.

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