MUST LISTEN to Near Death Experience Channeled Message with Ginette Biro | NLS Podcast

Divinely connected, divinely inspired. Ginette is a powerful medium that is clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant. She can hear, see, feel and know information from spirit and other dimensions. Since Ginette was a child, she has been channeling beings from the 4th to 12th dimensions, connecting people to the other side and bringing messages to inspire and inform our world.

Ginette has many spirit guides and ascended masters and beings who are guiding her to support the planet in its ascension. In addition to these remarkable gifts, she has spent soul time on the other side through a near-death experience. This allowed her to see and understand how our life blueprint and soul’s journey actually works.

Ginette has crossed over and back and now has a unique insight to guide others on their life path. She is dedicated to using that knowledge to support people on their own journeys.

Prior to a career using her spiritual gifts, Ginette pursued science, receiving a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Diploma in Sports Medicine, and practiced as a kinesiologist. She is also a talented singer and musician, performing internationally for the Canadian Armed forces. After traveling to Afghanistan, Europe, the North Pole, and the United Arab Emirates, Ginette received the Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2009 from the BC Country Music Awards for her work.

Charismatic, warm, and relatable, Ginette can take difficult, esoteric topics and explain them in a way that’s easy to understand. She can answer the questions that inspire, haunt, mesmerize and intrigue and use her other-worldly access to expand insight into life here on earth. Ginette is an entertaining and magical storyteller and is destined to become one of our time’s great female spiritual leaders.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ginette Biro.

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