Natural Breakthrough May Put Brakes on Childhood Allergies

Studies have shown that there’s no more distressing sound to humans than a baby crying — and I believe it. As a parent, there’s nothing worse than watching our children suffer, particularly when they’re young and unable to communicate what’s ailing them.

But if an exciting new study out of Australia is correct, two powerful, natural ingredients may bring a halt to troubling allergic reactions that make life miserable for millions of babies — and their caregivers — each year.

A new study out of University of Western Australia has shown that just by

The study, which was just published in the journal Nutrients, analyzed the dietary intake of 300 pregnant moms, and then followed up with their children a year after birth. What they found could change dietary recommendations for pregnant women forever.

Babies whose mothers had the highest dietary intake of vitamin C and copper during pregnancy had a dramatically lower risk of developing uncomfortable and frightening wheezing and eczema.

That may feel like a miracle — but it’s really common sense. Vitamin C is a powerful tool for building a healthy immune system and staving off allergic reactions that can make breathing difficult. And copper is essential to the development of healthy skin, so it makes sense that it can keep babies eczema-free.

A healthy immune system is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children, and beefing up your baby’s immune system can be a delicious experience for you, too! If you’re a mom-to-be talk to your doctor about loading up on vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, and foods packed with copper like nuts, oysters, and lobster to help give your baby the happy, healthy, and allergy-free start in life he deserves.

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