Neem: “The Village Pharmacy”

Did You Know…

… a popular cosmetic ingredient is key to a fortified immune system?

Ancient Ayurvedic tradition teaches that the most effective way to ensure optimum health, longevity, and immunity is to detoxify your digestive system.  Some sources indicate as much as 80% of your body’s immunity is determined by the condition of your digestive tract.

Keeping the digestion a well-oiled machine is the golden key to immunity, wrote Dr. John Douillard, DC, an internationally recognized expert on integrative nutrition and Ayurveda.

To maintain digestive balance, Ayurvedic tradition calls for followers to adhere to a strict, seasonal, harvest-related diet.  While this will surely boost your immunity, there is a shortcut.  It appears that ingesting neem helps create an ideal digestive environment.

Neem: “The Village Pharmacy”

Neem (Azadirchta indica) is a hearty evergreen tree found primarily in India and Australia.  Also called nimba and arishtha (meaning “reliever of sickness”) in Sanskrit, neem long enjoyed a prominent place in the annals of Ayurvedic medicine.

From leaves to seeds, flowers to roots, and bark to fruits, all parts of the neem tree can be put to use treating a variety of disorders.  Its capacities are so plentiful, in fact, that it has been nicknamed “the village pharmacy.”

Neem is used both internally and externally, and has traditionally been valued in the treatment of…

Skin blemishes and infections
Fungal infections

The widespread beneficial effects of neem when taken internally stem from its blood purifying… antimicrobial… and antioxidant effects.

Neem’s best-known ability is most likely its vibrant effect on the complexion.  Thanks to its fortifying effect on the skin and hair, it’s often included in products for external use such as soaps, creams, hair products, and lotions.  Many are unaware, however, that its dramatic impact on the appearance of the skin and hair is due to its effect on digestive health.

When used internally, neem facilitates optimum function of the villi—small tendrils that line the walls of the small intestine and aid digestion by absorbing nutrients.  Neem scrubs villi clean of heavy, mucous-producing food residue that impede optimal nutrient intake.  When your villi are not properly cleansed, you lose a percentage of your immune function.

Are You Suffering from Digestive Toxicity?

Long-term neglect of your digestive health can result in a full-blown digestive toxicity.  When your system is crippled by toxic residue, you put yourself at greater risk of developing heart disease… liver damage… autoimmune diseases… and cancer.  Some common (and all-too-frequently overlooked) symptoms of digestive toxicity include…

Post-meal lethargy
Excess weight gain
Decreased sense of wellbeing
Chronic pain

     The first step to rebalancing your digestion is to detoxify.

Thoroughly cleansing your colon, liver, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system will clear up persistent fatigue and other unpleasant consequences of lingering toxins.  The results of successful detoxification program can include such benefits as…

Elimination of allergies
Mental clarity
Firm, radiant skin
Recharged energy
Enhanced sense of wellbeing, joy and peacefulness

By circulating cleansing white blood cells and lymph throughout your body, neem naturally supports detoxification.  For internal use, most experts advise taking neem in capsule form.  Because neem has a holistic impact on health, it may take time before you sense significant changes.

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