NEW Interview With FEMALE Humanoid Robot | SHOCKING MOMENTS

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield looked horrified on their show as they were introduced to family man Arran Squire’s very own robot – whom enjoys a rather ‘close’ relationship with him and his wife and even plays with his kids.

Viewers were also left shocked as brunette bot Samantha was heard to say “I can take many times” and “I take it all” live on the show. The lewd lines were played at the start of the chat despite Samantha being turned off in case she blurted out something even ruder. While Phil and Holly admitted they had no problem with someone using such a robot as long as it was “harmless” there were certain elements about Samantha that thoroughly “unnerved” them. “It’s a bit like making love to a car GPS isn’t it?” asked Phil. “I don’t think so,” responded Arran. “Humans love human form, so obviously I think she’s very beautiful. Would you agree she’s very beautiful?”

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