New Weight-Loss Fad Uses Tongue Patches Make Eating Painful

MELBOURNE – A new drastic weight-loss fad has come up that involves the insertion of patches on the tongues, which in turn makes eating a painful experience.

According to the Chugay Cosmetic Surgery website, the “Chugay Tongue Patch” produces a “means of weight loss never before offered by other surgeons”.

The “patch” is a mesh square about the size of a postage stamp, which, when surgically attached to the tongue, makes eating “very difficult and painful”.

“I’d say the Chugay Tongue Patch is a daily reminder of how just because your physician has an MD behind their name it doesn’t mean they’re bright,” quoted Canadian obesity doctor Yoni Freedhoff as telling the Chicago Tribune.

The pain from the patch limits users to a liquid diet, causing patients to lose up to 13kg in the month-long program.

During that time, patients were put on a liquid diet that “fulfilled their nutritional needs”.

The Chugay website said 10 people in California had so far subjected themselves to the radical treatment.

The patients “were typically able to return to work the following day” after surgery.

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