“Open your Heart” guided Meditation by Joe Dispenza

“Open your Heart” guided Meditation by Joe Dispenza

New studies reveal that there is so much more to human heart than being an efficient life-sustaining pump. The study reveals that the heart serves as an access point to an intelligence and wisdom source that a person can rely on to live his life with better balance, enhanced creativity, and improved intuitive abilities. These are all essential to increase personal effectiveness, improve relationships and health, and achieve greater fulfilment. In fact, the heart is a rather complex centre that processes information with its very own functional brain referred to as the heart brain. This influences and communicates with the cranial brain through the hormonal system, nervous system, and other different pathways. These influences have an impact on the function of the brain and most major organs of the body and play a crucial role in emotional and mental experience and overall quality of life.

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Tap into the power of your Heart and become supernatural!

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