Oral Bacteria And Your Health – with Dr. Mark Burhenne | The Empowering Neurologist

That various microbes in the digestive system affect our health is certainly not news. However, this discussion is typically in the context of the various microbes that live in the gut. Actually, we technically need to begin this understanding at the level of the mouth. And, unfortunately, the idea that our oral microbes are influencing our health has not really gotten a lot of attention.

As it turns out the state of health, diversity and function of the microbes living within the mouth are highly influential in terms of our ability to resist disease and remain healthy. Recently, there’s been a lot research relating the oral microbiome to such maladies as coronary artery disease and even Alzheimer’s disease itself. This will just one of many fascinating topics in my discussion today with Dr. Mark Burhenne.

So please enjoy the podcast. I suspect you will want to floss afterwards.

0:00 Intro

1:00 Oral Microbiome

10:49 Alzheimers the Oral Microbiome

22:18 Plaque is Necessary

26:09 Benefits of Mouth Bacteria

35:33 Good Toothpaste

45:13 Flouride

56:49 Finding a Dentist

1:01:32 Conclusion

Dr. Burhenne is a bestselling author and a family and sleep medicine dentist who has been in private practice nearly 35 years, he has focused on patient-centered and preventative dental healthcare. He is a TEDx speaker and his advice regularly appears on media outlets such as CNN, NPR, The Huffington Post, Prevention, Men’s Health, CBS, and MindBodyGreen. He is the creator of AsktheDentist.com, is dedicated to exploring the mouth-body connection and the role of the oral microbiome not only its role in oral health, but in overall heath. Most recently, he has been advising an oral microbiome testing company (Bristle) to help establish the importance of the oral microbiome in health. Dr.B’s mission, by becoming a healthcare influencer, has been to illustrate to patients as well as providers that optimal health can not be achieved by ignoring oral health. New ways to look at oral health, and how it is connected to systemic health

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