Anti-Viral Immunity Smoothie

8 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRINKS | to enjoy for health & wellness

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INFLATION FLIPPING: 7 strategies for acquiring items and services you need without breaking the bank

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Tune your internet survival frequency to for updates on buying the right supplies for emergencies and being ready for more inflation and more supply chain issues. Now here’s a handy indoor gardening 101 instructional video that’s a must see. Check it out. Continue reading

Dr. Michio Kaku: The God Equation

When Isaac Newton established the laws of motion in 1687, he created a foundation of understanding that still guides physicists to scientific discoveries today. As studies evolve, scientists get closer to understanding the deepest mysteries of space and time. Once physicists can successfully combine theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, all forces in the universe will be recognized and tied into one. Physicist Michio Kaku seeks to document this epic journey of uniting theories of space in his new book The God Equation. Continue reading

Giant homeless encampments set to explode across U.S.

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Water, Radiation & Healing Yourself

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Darryl Anka: Channeling Bashar

Darryl Anka shares some of the most important lessons he has learned from his years of channeling an entity named, Bashar. First, we dive into his personal history to discover his life’s journey that led him to illuming the world with Bashar’s wisdom. As we discover more about the entity known as Bashar, we learn how these beings are genetically related to humanity, and why they have such an active interest in our spiritual evolution. Plus, we gain deeper insights into the channeling process and how it affects our experience of reality. Continue reading

World’s Most Mystical Places with Healing Power | Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries

Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries looks at places that are said to have healing power including (10) Lourdes where people have been cured by drinking water from a cave, (9) Machu Picchu, (8) Stonehenge, (7) the Dead Sea, (6) the Ganges, (5) Saut-d’Eau, (4) Medugorje, (3) Table Mountain, (2) the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and (1) mystical rain forests. Continue reading

Atheist Discovers She’s A Spiritual Soldier During Her Near Death Like Experience -JeffMara Podcast

Podcast guest 588 is Betty Guadagno who was a militant atheist that discovered during her NDE like experience that she is a spiritual soldier. Continue reading

Easy Steps To Prepare Natural And Effective Painkiller From Wild Lettuce – The Lost Ways

It shows the simple and easy steps on how to prepare the natural and effective painkiller from wild lettuce from your backyard garden to kitchen. People are now slowly to replace the modern days addictive, costly and artificial painkiller to lessen the feeling of pain. Moreover, the plants are free (can be grown in your backyard garden) and easy to prepare. Continue reading

Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair, Blackheads & Whiteheads at Home | DIY Peel Off Face Mask

Today I am actually very excited to share this video with you. You know that peel off face masks are very costly to buy from a market but here I am to share with you  a simple and cost effective Do It Yourself peel off face mask which will actually help you to get rid of all those unwanted facial hairs, blackheads, whiteheads, dead skins and all those nasty things that are stuck inside you pores. So without wasting time let’s get straight into the ingredients.

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The Pyramid Code

Spreading awareness, knowledge and Light is the first step in healing our world and reaching the Age of Love! Lots of love Jason 🙂

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Dr John Ryan Unity Field Healing Live Presentation

This is live presentation on Energy and Consciousness Based Healing by Dr Ryan at the Earthkeeper Seminar in Scottsdale Arizona, May 2014. Continue reading

My Most Powerful 10 Min Deep Theta Healing Meditation Before Sleep, Guided Meditation, Joe Dispenza

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Prepping skills: 15 Food storage and preservation methods to learn before SHTF


When preparing for different long-term survival scenarios or economic collapse, your preps will usually include getting the right gear and stockpiling food supplies. Continue reading