Pliakas T, Dermeitzoglou S, Papachristos C, Krukowski A.

Intracom Telecoms S.A.

The main objective of paper is to describe a proposed tele-medicine pilot is for establishing a telemedicine network in a Private Healthcare Organization, to be developed in the frame of the ESA project, HOSTHOST – HELLAS SAT Offering in Satellite Communications, ESA sponsored project: “Applications: Satcom Network Systems and Services”. The HOST program focuses on the development of the Hellas Sat commercial offering in end-to-end satellite telecommunication services for supporting the delivery of bidirectional (broadband) applications in Greece, the Balkans, SE Europe, and the Middle East. To this effect a satellite broadband network will be implemented and operated 5 remote sites, three of them acting as trainers and the rest two as trainees The pilot system will allow real time exchanges of medical records to aid tele-diagnosis, coordination of medical and administrative processes, tele-assistance using videoconferencing; distant medical equipment or medical records (images and examinations, allergies, medical history, etc) monitoring and real time tele-diagnosis by specialized medical doctors on remote sites.

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