Powerful Out of Body Experience (Astral Projection) | Guided Hypnosis

OBE- Out of body experience or Astral Projection – is a type of lucid dreaming in which you have control over your journey and can leave your body. But in reality, nothing “leaves” your body during an out-of-body experience, but your brain does not perceive your body in the same way it normally does, so you can have the impression that your consciousness is detached for a period of time. You’re about to enter your own mental world. This will take place in your real world of thinking. Your journey is conducted by your imagination.

This is a safe experiment, so keep an open mind. What is the key for an out of body experience is complete relaxation and entering into a deep hypnotic state.

It’s best to do this guided session before you’re going to sleep and you can even fall asleep while you’re listening to it. Most of out of body experiences occur during sleep.

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