Probably The Most Secret Technology In The World

This patented design, when constructed, can be used as a Time Photography Machine, a Thought Projector, a Mind Over Matter Device, a Clairvoyant Projector, or a Psychic Generator. With it, you‘ll be able to take pictures both from the past and the future, it also can locate missing persons no matter where they are in the world–even outside of it. It also allows one to directly influence another person’s thoughts and emotions, and compel those you love to acknowledge your feelings. This device makes the impossible possible.

The design for the machine was patented in 1949 by T. Galen Hieronymus. By 1956, John Campbell, editor of Science Fact Magazine said, “Scientists are now prodding at the edges of a new field that will open a totally new concept of the universe, and that, within 20 years, the barrier will be cracked! A manufactured machine will be achieved, and I believe it will be done by 1975”. It’s 2022, so you can imagine.

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