Saint Anthony Fauci, Murderer

Doktor Fauci Might Easily Have Killed a Million!

Fauci = Intellectual Yet Idiot: As a feisty role player, cocksure Dr. Fauci was perfect – always ready with a quip or a chuckling dismissal of others, our Napoleonic short-man was always full of himself. He loved and tracked the bright lights more than a sunflower. But now it’s obvious, even to blind cave fish, that Dr Anthony ‘DOA’ Fauci is a world-class con-artist, reminiscent of Yellow Kid Weil. But concerned Democrats still oppose Wuhan lab investigations, while wildly-partisan, woke Fauci thinks Covid exposed racism! Despite absurdly claiming criticizing him was attacking science itself, yet it was techno-fraud Anthony who failed – not science. Unfortunately, Fauci likely won’t be punished. So let’s at least protect ourselves from future incompetent “experts.” Nassim Taleb describes these in Skin in the Game as the Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI) class. So – How many deaths did narcissist Fauci cause?

Did Fauci Create Virus?

Did Fauci Create Virus? The most terrible question haunting Dr. ‘DOA’’ Fauci: Did you create Covid? First, Fauci is a huge fan of Gain of Function (GOF) experiments creating dangerous viruses, as part of the US Govt. GOF cabal. Second, he restarted US GOF without Trump’s knowledge. Third, he paid the Wuhan Lab millions despite their specialty in GOF. Specifically, Fauci knew such experiments were ridiculously dangerous. He admitted such lab-work should be done in China to protect Americans. Fauci even predicted Trump would have a virus outbreak. Yet, he claimed an outbreak would be worth the cost. But except for Fauci’s support, would Covid have even been developed to then escape?

After Virus Surfaced: When the news broke, Fauci panicked, pretending it was a wild virus, even after emailed expert warnings it looked “man-made.” Over a year spent pretending China could not have spawned the disease as elfin Fauci did his pro-Wuhan song-n’-dance, changing stances repeatedly, giving misleading, contradictory and smart-# public remarks while citizens died. Like a wizard behind the curtains on crack. But Howie Carr stated:

Consider Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s physician brother, the “Dr. Death” of the Obama administration. After Fauci’s multiple the-sky-is-falling! appearances on state-run television, Dr. Death emailed him in February 2020 that he had a “hard time seeing this as serious as everyone else.” “Am I blind?” Emanuel continued. “Yes very transmissible but low mortality like flu in many ways – the elderly, those with comorbidities, and total impact is likely to be less than flu.” Good thing that wasn’t made public last year, or Dr. Death might have been banned from all social media from promoting such a conspiracy theory.

Wuhan is Source

Wuhan is Source: Shutdown warriors were wrong, and their rules failed. NY has the second worst death rate. But now experts claim there’s a “99,.8%” chance the virus came from Wuhan. And now we have photos of Wuhan keeping bats! But was Fauci defrauding all along? Remembering Robert F Kennedy, Jr. claimed Fauci was a fraud for generations. Said National Review:

But Dr. Fauci is much worse than a fraud; he is a technocrat. He doesn’t see himself as simply someone to explain “the science” of the virus but appointed himself a covid czar. He leveraged the corporate press’s personality cult and used it to manipulate the public to behave the way he wanted them to behave.

Deaths From Covid: Fauci’s fear mongering and false mask warnings sparked shut-down madness. Fauci and the media’s false attack on Hydroxychloroquine was a lie and perhaps 100,000 lives could have been saved. So, Fauci lied and people died. If not nervous about helping create the virus, would Fauci’s decisions have improved? Would he have stood up to China? About 615,000 Americans have officially died from the virus. If Fauci were tied to Wuhan’s bat GOF experiments, his hands are bloody – with worldwide 3.79 million dead. How many more died of untreated illness, accidental drug overdoses or suicides? Meanwhile, Fauci knew that masks were generally useless, but even advocated double-masks before being outed as a fraud – thanks to Rand Paul., calling vaccinated masks ‘theater.’ Dr Scott Atlas says more Americans died from virus isolation & despair than Covid, and added “Fauci Is A ‘Political Animal,’ & COVID-19 Lockdowns ‘Kill People.’” Taking Atlas’ numbers seriously would mean Fauci’s mismanagement led to at least 1 million deaths! Writes Atlas,

The lost economic output in the U.S. alone is estimated to be 5 percent of GDP, or $1.1 trillion for every month of the economic shutdown. This lost income results in lost lives as the stresses of unemployment and providing basic needs increase the incidence of suicide, alcohol or drug abuse, and stress-induced illnesses. These effects are particularly severe on the lower-income populace, as they are more likely to lose their jobs, and mortality rates are much higher for lower-income individuals. Statistically, every $10 million to $24 million lost in U.S. incomes results in one additional death. One portion of this effect is through unemployment, which leads to an average increase in mortality of at least 60 percent. That translates into 7,200 lives lost per month among the 36 million newly unemployed Americans, over 40 percent of whom are not expected to regain their jobs. In addition, many small business owners are near financial collapse, creating lost wealth that results in mortality increases of 50 percent. With an average estimate of one additional lost life per $17 million income loss, that would translate to 65,000 lives lost in the U.S. for each month because of the economic shutdown.


Pandemic Profiteering and a shattered Election

If the above is correct, mismanagement of Covid cost at least a million Americans their lives!

Pandemic Profiteering: Dr Fauci, Gov Cuomo, and even Covid amateur Bill Gates all seek to make their 30-pieces of silver from the virus. Cuomo was paid over $5 million for a Covid memoir that fails to detail killing 20,000 seniors to keep them out of Trump hospitals, probably “the largest sum of money from a side gig ever earned by a governor.” Fauci’s 80-page Covid book has now been shelved.

Shattered Election: Had ultra-partisan Fauci admitted Trump might be right about Wuhan & Hydroxychloroquine, he probably would have been re-elected. Yet, the bureaucrat Fauci hated Trump’s maverick style, and knew he’d be much safer under Biden’s demented wings. So even if he is completely discredited, the left will always appreciate Fauci misplaying his role to tank Trump. But he’s a precious leftist, alright – opposed anyone being in any sized crowd, but refused to comment on George Floyd protest/riots and their connection to Covid. Meanwhile, Dr Atlas said a year ago: “The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation.”

Conclusion – Fauci Inquiry: The Chinese are irredeemable. Instead of helping the world fight Covid, they pretend they had nothing to do with it. And now they’ve moved onto breeding human-animal chimera hybrids. For the US, there needs to be an immediate reckoning of Anthony Fauci and his spectacular Reign of Errors which helped kill so many Americans and tipped an election. As Nassim Taleb wrote, Fauci is an Intellectual Yet Idiot. He long ago traded his Hypocratic Oath of ‘do no harm,’ for the bright lights of DC and advanced leftism. Yes, Fauci chose politics over the lives of innocent Americans, just to ruin Trump and gave favor with the ruling Democrat junta. Dr Atlas argued, “The COVID-19 shutdown will cost Americans millions of years of life.” There needs to be an accounting, and Fauci needs to be confronted with his sins. But as usual, the adults, aka GOP will have to get back into power before any real investigation occurs. Till then, dear friends – speak the truth to all who will listen. Shalom!

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