Scientists Scratching Heads Over Mega Boobs Mystery

LONDON – Scientists in the UK are trying to figure out why women’s breasts are getting bigger.

While some scientists blame expanding waistlines for the increase in bust sizeS, others say pollution from pesticides is causing the ‘outburst’.

But others feel there’s an as yet uncovered real reason as to why boobs are growing, reports The Daily Star.

A scientific source said: “It’s the big question and it’s got a lot of people baffled.”

In the recent years, the demand for super-size bras has been rocketing in the UK.

Some experts reckon the reason for the chest expansion is an increase in man-made chemicals in the environment.

Agricultural pesticides and plastics are known to upset hormonal development if they get into the food chain.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, who is a nutritionist specializing in women’s health, said: “Estrogen gives women their characteristic shape as they go through puberty.

“It’s what causes the stimulation in breast tissue, so if we’ve got extra estrogen coming in from the environment that’s going to have an effect on breast size.

“It might be a better way of getting bigger boobs than a breast implant but there is a trade-off.

“It shows that breasts are being stimulated but that’s not good if cells start to mutate.

“It will get worse if something’s not done about it. Breasts, in theory, could get even bigger.”

Dr Joanna Scurr, lecturer in bio-mechanics at the University of Portsmouth, said: “Breasts are getting bigger but it’s not just because we’re getting heavier.

“We looked at 300 British women over four years and found an increase in the size of the average bosom, not just in women who are fat.”

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