Shaolin Qi Gong 🙆🏻‍♂️ 20 Minute Daily Morning Routine

Instructions on the practice: What to do? / How to practice?

➡️ Copy the movements! In each final position use any type of power to tense the body and make the posture become strong. It’s no problem to use muscle power in the beginning!

➡️ Stay in each posture and slowly deep breath! (Full inhalation – Full exhalation) Minimum should be around 4 breathing cycles (any number above is perfectly fine).

➡️ Try to keep the power / regardless of in- or exhalation. Keep Focus and direct your intent in the proper direction.

For what should I aim for? / What is the goal of the practice?

➡️ Easy is: Do it for the pleasure of doing it!

➡️ Useful is: Make the postures become more powerful / stronger by every week!

➡️ Purposeful is: Observe and become aware of your transformation.

The names of the postures are: ENGLISH / GERMAN:

Opening · 00:00 1) Pressing up to the Heavens / Beide Hände in den Himmel pressen · 01:30

2) Drawing the Bow / Den Bogen spannen · 02:40

3) Separating Heaven and Earth / Himmel und Erde spalten · 05:05

4) Wise Owl gazes backwards / Die weise Eule starrt zurück · 06:55

5) Big Bear turns from Side to Side / Der große Bär bewegt sich von Seite zu Seite · 08:50

6) Touching the toes and bending backwards / Die Zehen berühren und nach hinten beugen · 11:40 7

7) Clenching fists with an angry gaze / Die Fäuse ballen und grimmig Schauen · 13:25

8) Stretching the body / Den Körper dehnen · 18:40 Closing · 20:05

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