Shaolin Qigong 15 Minute Daily Routine

This is the Shaolin Qigong 15 Min Daily Routine. In this video includes Warm ups, 8 Movements Shaolin Qigong BaduanJin and Massage Movements. You can apply this Routine in the Morning or in the Afternoon during Exercise time.

Baduanjin is the complete set of Qigong Exercise. It is a major influence of world medicine. Practicing this set of Qigong will help us to balance energies, heal and prevent a lot of diseases and make our body and mind happy and healthy.

There are 8 movements of this Set of Qigong: 1. Horse Stance Open Arms 2. Drawing The Arrow 3. Separating Heaven and Earth, Twisting Body 4. Horse Stance Washing Body 5. Big Bear Turning To Circle 6. Body Curving, Looking Up And Down 7. Clenching The Fist 8. Clicking Heels, Resting Lower Back.

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