Should You Use Tramadol For Pain?

Tramadol – generic name for Ultram and ‘drug hydrochloride. Relieves pain and is’ a good alternative to drugs narcotic painkillers. Nowadays, this drug is’ one of the most ‘commonly prescribed as an alternative to more’ strong analgesic drugs.


Tramadol or Ultram are painkillers very popular used to treat moderate and severe pain. Not ‘a narcotic drug, but despite this’ create addiction and dependence especially in the elderly population, to which this drug is commonly prescribed.

The last increase of dose and ‘between 50 and 100 mg every 4-6 days depending on the needs’, with a maximum daily dose of 400 mg.The manufacturer of Tramadol, recommended doses are very specific for this drug: for adults, the initial dose and ‘25 mg capsules in the morning, this dose may’ be increased by 25 mg every three days , up to a maximum dose of 100 mg per day. Upon reaching this dose, the patient may ‘receive additional requirement in which you increase the dose of 50 mg every three days, up to 200 mg of dose per day. In elderly patients, and ‘important to maintain a mix that does not exceed 300 mg per day. the limitation period should be increased in intervals of every 12 hours to a maximum of 200 mg daily. In patients with cirrhosis (liver disease), the tramadol 50mg capsules should apply every 12 hours.


Tramadol can ‘increase levels of liver enzymes and can’ lead to decreased levels of creatinine and hemoglobin, what ‘and’ potentially toxic due to the effect that Tramadol liver. It ‘must therefore monitor these levels regularly. Use caution in patients with inhibited by serotonin (SSRIs) because Tramadol can ‘increase the risk for serotonin syndrome.


People allergic to opioids or women pregnant or lactating women should not take this medication. Tramadol in its initial use can ‘create allergic reactions, therefore, patients should be closely followed. People who have reactions anapilattiche from codeine or other opioids are more ‘at risk of suffering an allergic reaction to Tramadol. Also there is’ risk of respiratory complications in patients who have suffered injuries to his head, or have kidney or liver problems, so these people should not use this drug.


The level of pain should be checked every 30 minutes after the use of Tramadol. If the degree breathing down over 12 breaths per minute, the prescription drug should be ’stopped and’ need to consult with your doctor.

In addition, there are cases of constipation due to use of Tramadol in case this situation more than three days, we must consider the use of laxatives. Patients should be followed in order to avoid dependency, but at the same time and ‘important not to stop this drug in a sudden, since you can create withdrawal symptoms in patients. The use of any medicine that does not need ‘recipe with Tramadol and’ to check with your doctor to avoid undesirable interactions.

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