Sneakers for Crohn’s Disease Sufferers

Every Crohn’s disease sufferer should invest in a good pair of sneakers because this gut-wrenching bowel disease can have you wearing out your shoes sprinting to the toilet several times a day.

The symptoms of Crohn’s are like a gastrointestinal nightmare — diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and painful cramps that can leave you with what I call “the two F’s.”

Fatigue and frustration

But that may be about to change thanks to a new study that shows how one simple vitamin may be able to zap the fatigue associated with Crohn’s leaving you with more energy and pep than you’ve felt in years.

A researcher at Trinity University in Ireland analyzed 27 patients who suffered from Crohn’s disease, and asked half of them to take 2,000 IUs of vitamin D every day.

After just 90 days, the Crohn’s patients who took daily vitamin D supplements went from fatigued and frustrated to full of fire and vinegar! Their strength increased dramatically, and their quality of life improved by a whopping 24 points on a commonly used index (an improvement of 20 points is considered significant).

If you’ve been reading this e-letter for a while, you’re no stranger to all of the miraculous ways vitamin D can improve your life. It’s great for your heart and your bones, and it may be able to ward off certain cancers.

The best part about vitamin D is not that it’s cheap — it’s that it’s FREE. Just 20 minutes a day with your head and arms exposed to the sun is all most of us need to keep our bodies chock-full of this life-giving vitamin.

Of course, most of us are low in vitamin D, and it makes sense to get your levels checked to see if some supplementation is in order.

If you’ve spent years with the energy-robbing fatigue of Crohn’s, this new research from our friends in Ireland might bring a little of that famed luck of the Irish into your life, and get you back on your feet again.

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