Spearmint and Rosemary Could Roll Back Years on your Brain’s Odometer

Our bodies may have their own internal clocks — but our brains sure like to hit the snooze button.

You know what I’m talking about. When your alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and your brain is so foggy and slow you couldn’t win a spelling bee with a dictionary. On those days it takes an hour and two cups of coffee before you can even string two intelligent thoughts together.

And let’s be honest — we’re all having more of those days than we used to.

If you’d like to clear up that mental fog once and for all … if you’re tired of forgetting names, faces and where you left the car at the mall … a St. Louis researcher may have uncovered the brain-boosting kitchen-cure of the century.

In fact, using nothing but two spices sitting in your cupboard RIGHT NOW, you may be able to jumpstart your memory and grow a super brain in just a few short weeks!

An amazing study that turned heads at the recent Neuroscience meeting in San Diego found that extracts from spearmint and rosemary could roll back years on your brain’s odometer, improving memory and learning skills.

Researchers from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine gave a group of mice the antioxidant loaded spice extracts. In no time flat, spearmint and rosemary helped REVERSE oxidative damage in the mice brains, and had them thinking and learning like quiz show champions.

In fact, the mice who took rosemary improved their scores for all three of the learning and memory behaviors tested by researchers. The spearmint mice only improved in two of the three categories, although they had fresher breath.

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you that simple spices could be just the nectar your noggin needs to stay sharp as you age. Last year you learned about a study in which adults dramatically improved their mental performance just by SMELLING rosemary.

It’s just more proof that for every disease Father Time throws our way, Mother Nature has a cure. And if you want to win the battle for your brain as you age, you’re not going to need some fancy prescription for a billion-dollar wonder pill — but you may want to buy yourself a spice rack.

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