Student Study Shows Energy Drinks Don’t Boost Performance

WASHINGTON – Energy drinks have no significant effect on sports performance, shows a study conducted by 12-year-old researcher.

“Many people use energy drinks like Monster to enhance their performance in sports – at least they think it will. I just wanted to test to see if these energy drinks really did what they were advertised to do,” CBS News quoted Brendan O’Neal as saying.

O’Neil compared the caffeinated Monster against decaffeinated Sprite in a series of tests.

He found that energy drinks compared to soda had no significant effect on exercise performance and the results for were almost same.

He had anticipated that energy drinks would raise an athlete’s blood pressure or heart rate, but nothing happened.

He thought the project was so well researched that he submitted it to the Annals of Emergency Medicine – anonymously, as are all entries to the prestigious medical journal.

O’Neal’s research has been accepted to be published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

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