Studied NDEs for 30 Years & What I Discovered Gave Me GOOSEBUMPS! | Dr. Scott Taylor

Dr. Scott Taylor is the President of the Expanded Awareness Institute. EAI helps people interested in near-death and shared-death experiences explore what that experience means to them and our culture.

Scott’s gift is the ability to make the exploration of the nonphysical universe accessible to the curious.

His first-hand encounter with a shared NDE occurred in 1981, and he has been committed to researching others’ experiences and raising awareness ever since.

A known researcher and speaker in the field of NDE studies, Scott wrote his doctoral dissertation on Near-Death Experiences: Discovering and living in unity.

Dr. Taylor is a skilled trainer and Monroe Institute’s former president and executive director. He is an expert at using binaural beat technology (Hemi-Sync) to enter into and hold expanded states of awareness. Scott is the author and voice of six best-selling albums from Hemi-Sync, the “Into the Light” series. He also is the creator and facilitator of the 5 ½ day “NDE Intensive,” which uses the pathways laid down by NDErs to explore states of consciousness.

He has twice served on the International Association for Near-Death Studies board and co-moderated their annual conference at least a dozen times.

Scott Taylor, Ed.D., is a retired small business mentor and educator. An accomplished business leader and former CEO, he is skilled in a broad range of leadership and business issues.

He earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and his doctorate in Education from the University of St. Thomas. He also holds a degree in spiritual counseling from the New Seminary.

When not immersed in NDEs, Scott is passionate about the sport of curling and all things Scottish. For his 60th birthday, he committed to wearing a kilt every day during this landmark year.

He is married to the love of his life, Anne Hunter, and they make their home in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Scott Taylor.


0:00 – Episode Teaser

0:38 – Life prior to the work

3:06 – What is Shared Death Experience?

8:56 – SDE Story

18:05 – What happens to the body while on SDE?

24:46 – What happens to you after the SDE?

29:54 – What information do you get while on SDE?

34:23 – What is the biggest lesson learned from SDE?

50:28 – What is the healing and regeneration center?

57:26 – Disturbing near death experience

1:06:28 – Living a Good Life

1:11:29 – Mission in Life

1:12:23 – Ultimate Purpose of Life

1:13:42 – Dr. Scott Taylor’s Work

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