Super RARE Channeling – Adamus St. Germain Speaks LIVE! | Geoff Hoppe

Geoffrey Hoppe is the founder of the Crimson Circle and channeler for Tobias, Adamus® Saint-Germain, and Kuthumi lal Singh. Geoffrey first channeled Tobias, an angelic being, in 1997 on an airplane flight returning home from a business trip. Tobias declared,

“I am here to work with you,”

…and guided Geoffrey through a very intense one-year spiritual boot camp.

The Crimson Circle started in August 1999 when Geoffrey began sharing his conversations with Tobias during monthly channeled sessions. The Crimson Circle has grown into a global affiliation of New Energy teachers. The Crimson Circle also trains and certifies teachers in a variety of spiritual subjects such as Death, Birth, Ascension, Aspectology, Passion, and Sexual Energies.

Prior to founding the Crimson Circle, Geoffrey was involved in business for 25 years. He started and managed a marketing consulting company in Dallas, Texas, for 15 years and was a co-founder of AirCell, Inc., a large aviation telecommunications company located in Colorado. He holds three technical U.S. patents for Multi-Dimensional Communications. Geoffrey and his wife Linda live in Colorado (USA) Rocky Mountains. They travel over 100,000 miles per year and have presented workshops and schools in over 25 countries.

Please enjoy my conversation with Geoff Hoppe channeling Adamus St. Germain.

Timecodes: 0:00– Episode Teaser

3:24 – The process connecting to Adamus St. Germain

5:36 – Channeling Adamus Saint Germain

7:32 – Incarnation as Saint Germain?

13:30 – How can we find inner peace and happiness in this lifetime?

19:54 – Where is AI going, and how will it affect us?

24:07 – What is the nature of the universe and our place in it?

31:25 – What is the path to self-realization?

35:19 – What is it like for a soul when they are not incarnated?

39:45 – What is the role of meditation and prayer in the spirit in the spiritual journey?

42:18 – What is the role of faith and belief in the spiritual journey?

43:35 – How do you tap into your own inner wisdom or inner guidance?

46:22 – How can we cultivate compassion for those who have different beliefs or values than we do?

50:09 – What is the connection between spirituality and material abundance?

52:43 – How do you handle feelings of spiritual doubt or uncertainty?

54:51 – Most important lesson Geoff learned from his spiritual journey to realization

58:50 – Adamus Saint Germain’s Final Message

1:08:34 – The 12 signs of awakening

1:11:51 – Geoff’s Final Message

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