Supplements Slash Hospital Stays 21%

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Mainstream medicine lackeys are kind of like that annoying shopping cart with one bad wheel — they’re awfully loud, they’re frequently spinning in circles, and it takes them way too long to get anywhere.

And let’s face it — a big part of the problem is that drug companies typically would rather burn their cash in a trash fire than invest a nickelresearching un-patentable, safe and natural cures. Anything that might take money out of their pocket—or keep you from spending a mint on prescription pills—they usually don’t want to know about it.

So you better believe that when one major pharmaceutical company breaks from the crowd and conducts a study that supports the use of supplements it’s going to grab my attention. And, surprisingly, Abbott Labs has done just that, recently completing a massive study that found nutritional supplements can shorten hospital stays by 21% saving you a ton of cash!

The study — which, let’s face it is probably isn’t going to make Abbott the most popular kid on Big Pharma’s block — was just presented at the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Data for over a million hospital patients was analyzed to see how the use of nutritional supplements during their hospital stays influenced how long they were laid up.

It turns out the supplements shortened the average hospital stay by more than two full days, saving people like you and me nearly $5,000. Even better, if you were treated with nutritional supplements during your hospital stay, you were 7% less likely to be readmitted!
Oh, and in case you doubt the existence of drug-company altruism it will probably not come as much of a surprise that you don’t have to look too far for some potential cash-based motivation. Abbott, does indeed, have a line of nutritional products.

But the bottom line is, no matter the motivation for the research, every day you don’t spend in a hospital is a good day my friend. And it sounds like supplements are just what the doctor ordered.

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