10 Reasons You Should Include Raisins In Your Diet

Raisins are one of the most well known and versatile dried fruits available today. Raisins were produced in Persia and Egypt and were even mentioned in the Old Testament. It is not only tasty additions to cookies and cakes, but also provide several health benefits.

Raisins are especially good for Continue reading

10 Reasons to Love your Homeopath

Why should you love your homeopath? There are lots of reasons from love to money, and more. For your health. 

Lots of people who swear by homeopathic medicines, but a small group thinks they should be banned. In the book “Think Like a Freak”, authors Continue reading

10 Reasons Children Should Take Swimming Lessons

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, the thoughts of kids and adults alike naturally turn to lazy afternoons by the pool or on the beach. For a child that has yet to learn how to swim, however, those fantasies can be a bit less appealing. These are ten of the reasons why you might want to consider enrolling your child in swimming lessons, rather than opting to teach him yourself or simply Continue reading