A Half-Million Sharks To Be Killed for COVID-19 Vaccine


  • According to conservationists and wildlife experts, the plan to vaccinate the global population against COVID-19 will have a devastating environmental impact, as the vaccine adjuvant squalene is made from shark liver oil
  • To satisfy a global supply of squalene-containing COVID-19 vaccines, an estimated half-million sharks would have to be slaughtered. The added demand could push certain shark species to the brink of extinction
  • Shark Allies has launched a Change.org petition calling for a ban on shark-derived squalene in COVID-19 vaccines, noting sustainable botanical sources are available
  • A 2001 meta-analysis found squalene-containing seasonal influenza vaccine had a riskier safety profile than nonadjuvanted flu vaccine, and squalene-containing H1N1 vaccines distributed in Europe during the 2009 swine flu pandemic were found to cause narcolepsy
  • While evidence is scarce, some studies have highlighted the possibility of squalene inducing autoimmune problems such as arthritis and lupus when injected

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